DUBSTEP / Loops / Keyboard / Drums App Reviews

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Very good app thank you !! And I think you can improve a lot your app with à record mode and do a fonction to create our drum rythm ourselves and maybe our bass !! It would be perfect ! Excuse my English, Im french ! Continues and give us some news Thanks bro.

Simply amazing!

I just loved it! With a few buttons it enables you to intuitively create great tunes. Theres a big variety of combinations for the individual sounds and you can keep testing them until you find some that really match. Id definitely recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of stuff. The only thing thats missing - and I hope it comes within the next updates - is a tool for recording what youve played since its very sad to lose all the work you took a while to create and that really pleased you. Apart from this, the app is just perfect!

Muito bom

Melhor app



No sound

Does not respect the difference in “iPhone muted” (long press on minus button) and “Ringer silent” (ringer mute switch). Even though the volume is set to the maximum, the apps sound does not work, if the Ringer switch is on mute.

No recording option/mash up

The sounds are great, the only problem is that there isnt a record button or setting. You also cant combine sounds from different categories...

Good...before IOS6

Ios6 makes every game crash. Except some that actually have added optimization for IOS6

Great app

This is an excellent app if u wanted to make up some dubstep on the spot. Really wish there was a record button and more sounds :)


App does nothing. absolute garbage want my dollar back.

I never Rate games but this is too awesome

Their is so much types of sounds too choose from and its only a dollar. If I was the game maker I would put it for at least 2 dollars

Bad app

Terrible app, not worth your time.

Not much to do

Not much sound to choose from... It feel more like a statemeng if what should be called dubstep instead of a way to produce your own music.. Deeeleeeted


There is no sound and it doesnt work.


Really wish there was a record button but otherwise its a decent app.


This app blows..

Needs more.

The idea is great, but first off, we need a record option. The ability to add in the apps other features, more keyboard settings (being an avid piano player the time it takes to make a proper noise is unacceptable.) more drum settings, and more sounds in general. The potential is there, but as is I wouldnt waste my money. Again.

It is so fcukin amazing!!!

Love it so much. Please, add recording!!!

It doesnt play sound!!!

Just downloaded on my iPhone 5s and it doesnt play a sound!

Nice app

Keep adding more presets to it


This app is amazing it helped me make music that I wanted the only thing I request from it is the option to record what you have created

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